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Hung-Te Lin 84eb0dfbc2 board/asurada: turn on CONFIG_TPM_DEBUG_EXTENSIONS 1 week ago
board board/asurada: turn on CONFIG_TPM_DEBUG_EXTENSIONS 2 days ago
src drivers/sound: Disable Zero detection of RT1015 2 days ago
util/kconfig kconfig: Add olddefconfig target 3 months ago
.checkpatch.conf checkpatch: Add BLOCK_COMMENT_STYLE to ignore list 4 years ago
.clang-format clang-format: Add clang format to depthcharge 2 years ago
.gitignore gitignore: ignore more files 7 months ago
COPYING Add license files to top level 2 years ago
Kconfig Drop FSF addresses from headers 4 years ago
LICENSE Add license files to top level 2 years ago
Makefile cros_ec: use exported EC header files 7 months ago Rename "unified" to "vboot" 4 years ago
OWNERS Add OWNERS file 1 year ago
unblocked_terms.txt COIL: Add unblocked_terms.txt to block keywords 1 month ago