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# TopDesk for C64/C128 GEOS
TopDesk is a file manager for the GEOS64 and GEOS128 (for the Commodore 64 and 128 computers). It shipped as the default file manager for GEOS 2.5, and can be used to replace the "deskTop" file manager on GEOS 2.0.
The [disks with the original source]( in GeoWrite format were copied into plaintext. Inline graphics were converted into byte arrays.
As is, the source does not currently build on modern systems, but it can be used as a basis for future development.
## Version
This is TopDesk version 1.3.
## Variants
There are four variants in their respective subdirectories:
| Directory | Target System | Language |
| 64_en | GEOS 64 | English |
| 64_de | GEOS 64 | German |
| 128_en | GEOS 128 | English |
| 128_de | GEOS 128 | German |
## Authors
TopDesk was written by Walter Knupe, H.J. Ciprina, Volker Goehrke. (C) 1991 by GEOS-USER-CLUB, GbR
The source was recovered by Falk Rehwagen, and converted my Michael Steil <>.
Thanks to Jürgen Heinisch, the estate administrator of the Geos User Club (the former copyright holder of TopDesk V1), for releasing the original TopDesk sources for publication.