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  James Gregory 4028269fe1
Merge pull request #43 from thp/code-fixes 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl d54e14ca74 CurrentColordb -> CurrentColor db 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 4b5c169695 COLOR_ENTRY_LENGTHequ -> COLOR_ENTRY_LENGTH equ 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 8d29240973 loopDrawDiagonalLoop -> loop DrawDiagonalLoop 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 7388cf370c loopVLineLoop -> loop VLineLoop 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl beff664727 labelbyte -> label byte 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl b9bf2eb0ed _DATAsegmentpublic -> _DATA segment public 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 1a87045a95 pus h -> push 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 28e420e665 Fix ASM OCR of macros 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 51194d4928 not40h -> not 40h 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl b96792917b Fix more ASM calling (OCR) 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 73e56070b4 Fix function calling (OCR) 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 6adf8f912b Fix cmpcx->cmp cx 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl f2025ac6e8 Add missing ; for ASM comment 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 700514a488 Code OCR fix: lodsbyte -> lods byte 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl f87c4484c2 Fix db512->db 512 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 2342c2d49d Fix typo 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 670082d347 Fix MAXIMUM_SCAN_LINEequ 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 03978b9651 Fix looping/calling OCR bugs 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl a4df877739 Datasegment -> Data segment 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl b3144a2145 Startproc near -> Start proc near 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 9072e5d500 Fix various (ends) code OCR errors 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 97d436fb73 Fix 'endp' -> ' endp' 2 months ago
  Thomas Perl 9373e5d2ee Fix 'procnear' -> ' proc near' 2 months ago
  James Gregory 264f0b2624 Sourced a higher-res 13-01 image 11 months ago
  James Gregory d34abb2619
Merge pull request #37 from ntwk/master 11 months ago
  James Gregory b61c1dc6eb
Merge branch 'master' into master 11 months ago
  James Gregory 9892775079
Merge pull request #34 from ayghor/ayghor-listing-1.3 11 months ago
  James Gregory 5f35d647df
Merge pull request #25 from TheFakeMontyOnTheRun/fix/fixTypoInCycleEaters 11 months ago
  James Gregory 205e20d4a9
Merge pull request #26 from amroibrahim/patch-1 11 months ago
  James Gregory 28da7c0a8d
Merge pull request #35 from mtexier/fix-59.4 11 months ago
  James Gregory 6c9b1ebee5
Merge pull request #27 from shlomif/correct-typos 11 months ago
  James Gregory 67ef5ef0ba
Merge pull request #32 from thp/milliseconds 11 months ago
  rnndxb wxcy c1e37c257b Update README.md to specify Pandoc 2.0 or greater 1 year ago
  rnndxb wxcy 44f7df0b28 Use Pandoc +smart extension in Makefile 1 year ago
  Matthieu Texier 6140424123 Fix listing 59.4 2 years ago
  Igor de Sant'Ana Fontana c25e885362
Listing 1.3: fix typos 2 years ago
  Thomas Perl e5e611fe7a Fix time unit: Milliseconds instead of microseconds 2 years ago
  Shlomi Fish 4f23917dbe Fix spelling, capitalisation and grammar. 2 years ago
  Amro Ibrahim ff14db2bac Update chapter-02.md 2 years ago
  TheFakeMontyOnTheRun 3f04c2c77f Fix OCR error/typo in chapter 4 2 years ago
  James Gregory 5162407cef Merge pull request #19 from ntwk/master 3 years ago
  James Gregory fd5e7e94ff Merge pull request #21 from dennis714/master 3 years ago
  James Gregory 766cc22965 Merge pull request #23 from dgholz/dgholz-typo-1 3 years ago
  Daniel George Holz 7f2f1f5689 fix typo 'new' -> 'knew' in about.md 3 years ago
  Dennis Yurichev f1c36f03da ... 4 years ago
  Dennis Yurichev c92b4e7d49 mering 4 years ago
  Dennis Yurichev 93fa15fd19 ... 4 years ago
  Dennis Yurichev 5ece9ece8c minor listing formatting 4 years ago
  rnndxb wxcy 37a1456cc8 Correct typos and formatting in listing 3.8 4 years ago